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Classes and Speakers (updated 9/2/13)
Class (by category)
How to Have and Empowered and Fearless Birth

Roanna Rosewood


Giving Birth to Life and Death

Amy Wright Glenn


Foot zoning Roxanna Mauer & Julie Cheney
Intro to Essential Oils Debbie Gordon
Whole Foods in Conception, Pregnancy and Birth Melissa Chappell
Vaccines, know the facts Dr Kristina Stitcher
Exposures in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Al Romeo, R.N, Ph.D.
Candida treatment and Fulvic Acid Dr. John Humiston, MD
Principles and Strategies to Get the Natural Birth You Want Dr. John Humiston, MD
Home is where the womb is: Healing through Maya Abdominal Therapy Jena Vincent
Creating a Healthy Pregnancy with Healthy, Balanced Chakras Cori Pevny
Healing Arts for Stress & Trauma Release Tamara Laing
Debunking Childbirth Myths Mig Merrell, HCHI
Happy Valley Hypnobabies
Chiropractic Care: Preparing the Body for Birth, Recovery, & Breech Babies Dr Brandon Robb DC, MS
Reiki - A Tool for Emotional Balance & Wellness Robin Johnson
Changing Your Nutrition in Just 10 Minutes a Day Green Smoothie Girl (Judi Sears)
Introduction to Using Herbals at Home Mishelle Knuteson
Accessing Your Body's Blueprints The Best Advantage
How to Write a Birth Plan Launi Anderson
What does a Doula do? UDA
How To Build A Birth Team Laurel Asay and
Rachel Brown
Limbic Imprinting-How Your Fetus Prepares Itself For the Outside World Richelle Jolley
Preparing for Unknowns: Confidently Handling Homebirth Complications Sherri Price and Roxanne Maurer
The Truth about Eclampsia Melissa Chappell
Birth Mechanics: Tune up your body and prepare for delivery Susan McLaughlin
Guidance for self hypnosis Fiona Judd
Blessing the Way: Creating a Mother-Centered ceremony Katie Rasmussen
How to Plan Your Birth Like You'd Plan a Wedding Sarah Asay
Aches & Pains in Pregnancy Richelle Jolley
Daddy as the Doula
Laura Curtis
Breastfeeding: How to start off right and the role of Dad Winn Asay, RN, BSN, CLC, IBCLC
Intro to breastfeeding ABC Lactation
Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders Mary Stanely
Placenta Encapsulation- What is it and what are the benefits? Laura Curtis
Protecting the Perineum and Restoring the Pelvic Floor Dr. Alycia Earl
Have Boobs Will Travel: Breastfeeding Tips and Trips Elizabeth Gray, CLC and Doula

Raising a healthy family naturally

Dr Kristina Stitcher
Cloth Diapers Don't Stink: The Basics of Cloth Diapering Wendy Moss, ChicDiapers
Baby Wearing: Benefits and Styles Shannon Volpe
It's on the Internet, So it Must Be True....Right? Andrea Lythgoe
Keeping Kids Healthy with Essential Oils Debbie Gordon
Natural Living:
Using Herbal Remedies During Pregnancy, Postpartum and Nursing
Kim Roman
Kubaton Class- Empowering Women through Self-Defense Audrey Howard
Healing Sexual Abuse through Breastfeeding, Your Way Karin Hardman, IBCLC
Finding Your Spiritual Core: Writing Affirmations Rachel Brown

The Work of Grief: Coping with Loss

Molly Jackson
The Anatomy of Trauma and Physiology of Birth Tara Tulley
How to Get Great Baby Photos
Cara Dahlquist
Baby Signing- Pre-verbal Communication with Your Baby TBA
Plan Your Birth Like your Wedding Sarah Asay
Life Juggling Karl Hale
How Does One Become a Doula, Midwife, Lactation Specialist? Community School of Midwifery
Empowering Birth in Third-World Nations Dee Gordon
DADDY PANEL Come listen to experienced daddies share their experiences and ideas on how to empower their partners during birth.
MIDWIFE PANEL Come ask the panel any question about midwifery and birth you can think!

Christine Fiscer
Sarah Henricksen
Melissa Rice
Pamela Udy
Maranda Tilley

Julie Johnson
Emily Ricks
Melynda N Johns
Heather Kester
C-SECTION PANEL Candalyn Winder
Meghan Reed
Roanna Rosewood
Tricia Bree
Ashley Shepardson
BIRTH CLASSES- Pick which one works best for you!

H ome Birth Education
Birth Like A Rockstar
Hospital Birth Education
Sacred Pregnancy
Birth Boot Camp

Preparing for a home birth  
Preparing for a hospital birth  
Empowered family-centered c-section  
Empowering adoption  
If we can get our GoFundMe goal met, we can film the entire conference and put it online as a resource for anyone needing this information!


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“This movement isn’t about natural birth vs. medicated birth. It’s not about hospital birth vs. home birth or birth center birth.
It’s about women being capable of making safer, more informed decisions about their care and that of their babies,
when they are given full and accurate information about their care options, including the potential harms, benefits, and alternatives.
Then, within that choice, they are treated with dignity and compassion.”
~ Dawn Thompson, Founder of www.ImprovingBirth.org